My stale web presence

My 15KB of fame

Somewhere in fall of 2000 (you know, the dark ages of the internet) I wasted ten minutes and cut-and-pasted together an image showing some of the other ways that Microsoft's Clippy might like to help you. I figure this thing cost the world quite a bit of productivity as it wandered through various corporate email systems. And I admit to taking some pride in that.

At one point it was a Slashdot Quickie. These days it's mostly been seen in the company of similar spoofs usually titled, Things you wish your computer had.

Ode to the truck

I once owned a pick-up truck. Which is funnier if you've met me. We had some fun. This is when I sold it.

Office Space

Office Space is a documentary. Click here if you don't believe me.


My father is still confused at having raised an engineer but I think he's slightly mollified by the fact that I occasionally bang out a few pieces of mostly sarcasm, and post them here. I think I like CorpTrek the best.

Toshiba Travails

I once had a, well, challenging time getting Toshiba and its minions to replace a brand-new defective laptop. In fact it took seven weeks of me harranguing them. This is that story.


Offline for now. I'll get to it someday.

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