So, there's not much here. But I thought there should be something. So here are a few things that I'm hosting here:

This is me, playing around with google maps api: Here are nuke plants in the US. Data is from Wikipedia and may be incomplete.

Here's a spreadsheet to compare caffiene concentration over time given different eating/drinking habits (and different masses). If you can't deal with an ODS file, there's an XLS here.

And here's my contribution to
Now, as way of explanation, perhaps I shouldn't have said "neither of you". I know what McDonalds means. What they mean is that they know that you're bright enough to grasp that a package full of peanuts most likely contains peanuts, and if you're highly allergic to peanuts, you should leave them be. But what you might not know is that these peanuts were packaged in a facility where both peanuts and tree nuts (such as hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, etc.) are also packaged, and because of this, a tree nut might slip in with the peanuts here and there. For this reason, if you happen to be a person who isn't allergic to peanuts, but will go into anaphylactic shock and die if they eat a minute fragment of a tree nut (there are plenty of such people), then maybe you should pass on this particular pack of peanuts.

So maybe the caption should read that corporate america isn't treating you like a moron. But since you don't seem to know that peanuts don't grow on trees, maybe they should start.

And here's my tongue-in-cheek take on the use of biometrics for authentication. Here's a hint: biometrics are good for identification, not authentication. They replace a username, not a password.